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Which patients to refer?

All Foot and Ankle and Paediatric Orthopaedic problems

Referral information

In order to make an appointment with Mr Pandit, all patients will need a referral letter. Referral letters should have the following information:


  • Patient contact details and National Health Index Number (NHI)

  • Patient clinical details and relevant history

  • ACC 45 Number (if applicable) and date of Injury

  • Referrer's contact details


Referral letters can be faxed to 06 920 3312 or sent by email to Urgent referrals need to be discussed over the phone.


Appointments can be booked from Monday – Friday between 8am and 5pm by calling 06 757 2470.


What should patients bring with them to the appointment?

To enable Mr Pandit to fully evaluate your condition, please ensure that you bring the following information with you:


  • Radiological investigations including any imaging on a disc: X-rays, CTs, MRIs, Bone Scans. It is very useful to have radiology reports of specialised imaging as well

  • Prior medical records, hospital discharge summaries and consultations from other medical practitioners and specialists who have investigated your medical problem

  • If you have a foot and ankle problem, we would like weight bearing x rays of the foot and ankle

  • List of medications with current dosages, and list of allergies

  • Private health insurance information (if applicable)

  • Medicare Card, DVA card, Pension Card

  • If you have seen a physiotherapist, please bring your progress reports



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